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Review Procedure


The reviewers of contributions to the Meteorological Bulletin are usually the Editorial Board members or specialists recommended by them. The review form or the manuscript text should clearly present the substantive and general comments of the reviewer. The review report conclusion should include a clear statement under what conditions and whether the reviewer recommends the text to be published.

Please send us your review report within four weeks following receipt of the review form at:


If you cannot or do not want to prepare any review report, please let us know immediately.




1. Contributions in the form of original expert articles from the fields of meteorology, climatology, clean air and hydrology are accepted for the review procedure.

2. The submission of an article’s text does not guarantee any publication thereof in the Meteorological Bulletin.

3. The author shall send the editorial office the text of his/her contribution in the appropriate structure (see the Guidelines for Authors) and in electronic form.

4. Articles are published in the Czech and Slovak languages, and selected articles also in English. Articles of Czech / Foreign authors are published.

5. The editorial office may also return an article to its author if the article is too long or too short (see the Guidelines for Authors).

6. The editorial office may recommend the author make modifications to the article’s language, form and content before the article is forwarded for review. In the event that the author refuses to carry out the proposed changes, the editor-in-chief may, at his/her sole discretion, refuse to forward the article for the review procedure.


First Round of the Review Procedure

7. The editor-in-chief shall assess the submitted text in terms of content focus and shall decide whether the article is thematically suitable for publication in the Meteorological Bulletin and whether the article complies with the requirements for a scientific article. Furthermore, he/she or she shall either forward the article for the second round of the review procedure or refuse its publication.

8. Any refusal by the editor-in-chief may be reviewed by any member of the Editorial Board. In the event of a dissenting opinion, the Editorial Board as a whole shall decide on the article’s suitability for publication.

9. The author shall be notified (in writing, electronically or by phone) by the editorial team or editor-in-chief of the Meteorological Bulletin of the refusal to publish his/her contribution.


Second Round of the Review Procedure

10. The second round of the review procedure shall be carried out by reviewers selected by the editor-in-chief according to the manuscript’s content. In order to assess the contribution, the editor-in-chief shall select experts in the issues the text deals with. He/she shall also make sure that the reviewers are not closely connected with the author in terms of business, institutional, or personal relationships.

11. The reviewers shall comment on the formal and professional processing of the text, including attached figures (see the Guidelines for Reviewers). The review report may also include other comments and a summarizing commentary. The reviewer shall either recommend the text to be published (without or with only minor changes) or not to be published.

12. The standard review process duration shall be 12 weeks. The Editorial Board of the Meteorological Bulletin strives to adhere to the period of 12 weeks, but it shall not be responsible for any delay caused by the reviewers.

13. The article’s author shall be notified of the review procedure results.

14. If the review result is positive, the contribution shall be approved for publication and shall be forwarded for further editorial processing.

15. In the event that the author does not agree with the conclusions drawn by the reviewers, he/she may deliver his or her opinion in writing to the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board shall be entitled to consider the author’s objections and the reviewer’s opinion when making a final decision on the article’s publication.


General Provisions

16. At any time, the Editorial Board members shall have the right to request the manuscripts submitted to the editorial office, including those refused by the editor-in-chief prior to the review procedure.

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