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Publication Ethics of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s Publishing House


(the most important principles applicable to all publications issued by the Publishing House, including the Meteorological Bulletin)


The introduction of an internal publication policy at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute aims at defining the basic principles and standards of good publishing practices which should be observed.

When writing expert publications, their authors should respect certain legal and moral claims of other authors, while taking care to protect their own works. Act 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the Copyright Act), is a legal document dealing with the protection of authors. By way of contrast, copyright ethics are an unwritten set of moral principles that should be followed by an author writing his/her expert texts. The publication ethics then summarize the guiding principles for work performed by authors, reviewers and editors.

One of the main priorities is preventing and avoiding all illegal and unethical practices. Plagiarism is by no means tolerated. By submitting a manuscript, the author affirms that it is the author’s own original work.


Responsibilities and Duties of the Editors:

  • Deciding upon the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript
  • Independently and impartially assessing all submitted manuscripts and respecting both intellectual independence and the independence of the author’s opinion
  • Performing the individual steps in the process of preparing a publication without undue delay, as required by the editorial office
  • Ensuring the appropriate content and overall professional quality of the publication
  • Handling any information regarding submitted manuscripts in a confidential manner
  • Preventing any conflicts, including potential conflicts of interest among editors, authors and reviewers


Responsibilities and Duties of the Reviewers:

  • Reporting and avoiding potential conflicts of interest
  • Refusing review report preparation without undue delay, if the reviewer is not sufficiently qualified or is not able to prepare the review report for reasons of time
  • Preparing the review report in a timely manner
  • Handling any information regarding the assessed manuscripts in a confidential manner
  • Impartially and objectively approaching review report preparation and respecting both intellectual independence and the independence of the author’s opinion
  • Explaining and supporting his/her the review report and its conclusions using valid arguments, e.g. citations, so that they can be understood by both editors and authors


Responsibilities and Duties of the Authors:

  • Complying with the Guidelines for Authors and the formalities of the article / work
  • Ensuring that the article / work submitted for publication at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s Publishing House has not been forwarded for publication to any other bulletins / journals and confirming the article’s authenticity
  • Affirming that the article has not yet been published anywhere else (If this is a linguistic mutation of a previously submitted article / work, it is necessary to mention such a fact in a letter to the editorial team, as well as directly in the article.)
  • Publishing truthful statements (no modification or misrepresentation of published outcomes)
  • Properly citing the materials used and properly presenting all data sources used, where the author’s own ideas and text outweigh any cited works(s)
  • Identifying the authorship of all co-authors who participated in preparing and forming the article and ensuring that all co-authors have seen the article version submitted for the review procedure and agree with its content (A substantial intellectual contribution to the generation of published outcomes shall be the only grounds for inclusion among the publication authors. Mechanical activities, such as laboratory and field work, entering data into a database, investigation based on a specified methodology, and administrative work, are not in themselves sufficient grounds for any authorship; it is, however, appropriate to include them in the acknowledgments section.)
  • Promptly reporting any serious errors or inaccuracies in the article
  • Reporting any conflict(s) of interest
  • Taking the appropriate steps to correct any error (for example, by printing a correction, withdrawing the article, etc.) in the event that an error is detected in any of the outcomes published in the form of a scientific article
  • Providing written evidence of use permission from a third party, that has a copyright to photographs or other materials that are to be included in the publication, to the publication before the manuscript is sent to the editorial office
  • Refraining from unnecessarily distributing the outcomes of any research to multiple publications at the expense of their quality and clarity
  • Listing the project and funding sources under which the publication has actually been prepared within the acknowledgments section




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